Terms of Booking

When making a booking with CM Lighting you are agreeing to the following conditions. These conditions are put in place to help provide a positive and safe working environment for all.

These conditions may differ if you have a contract for a specific project with CM Lighting.

Payment and Cancellations

1) Once confirmed, if you cancel within 14 days of the first booked day a fee of 50% of the booking total will be charged.

2) If you cancel within 7 days of the first booked day a fee of 75% of the booking total will be charged.

3) If you cancel within 5 days of the first booked day a fee of 100% of the booking total will be charged.

4) If you cancel your event at any point after booking you may still incur the costs of logistics and accommodation that have already been booked and paid for. You will be advised on the cancellation cost on a per booking basis.

5) Payment terms are 14 days from invoicing unless agreed otherwise when booking. Any late payments will be liable to a late payment fee, this will be in accordance with the current gov.uk guidelines.

6) Any unforeseen expenses incurred during your events will be charged back to you at the point of invoicing. Original receipts or receipt copies will not be issued to you under any circumstances.

7) Quotes are subject to change as your project evolves and your demands expand. You will be updated as much as possible as this happens.

8) CM Lighting withholds the right to replace himself with another competent technician on any labour by the day bookings.

9) CM Lighting withholds the right to cancel at any point if you are to be found to be doing anything un-safe or illegal, the standard cancellation fees to you occur if this is found to be the case.

Working Conditions and Insurance

1) A standard day rate covers up to 12 hours labour including reasonable breaks. You will be charged accordingly after this period.

2) CM Lighting staff should be covered under your insurance for injury and personal liability while working on your event.

3) All personal items should also be covered for damage and theft under your insurance.

4) You are responsible for insuring any equipment hired through CM Lighting, this includes any third party arrangements, the minimal insurance should cover the full replacement cost for theft and damage. Third party arrangements may have further terms, please ask upon booking.

5) You should provide a safe and comfortable working environment in accordance with current legislation.

Accommodation & Logistics

1) When working away and/or overnight you are to reimburse all accommodation and living expenses. This could be with either PDs of an agreed amount or expenses claimed on invoice.

2) Room sharing is not acceptable. All CM Lighting staff should be provided with an individual room.

3) All long distance travel is to be paid for by you, please ask for rough costs upon booking.

4) Free parking is to be provided as close to the venue as possible unless agreed otherwise.


1) CM Lighting staff are happy to drive any vehicle covered by the individuals license and your insurance.

2) You must provide a copy of your insurance documents before the driving date.

3) You are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle. Vehicles must be road legal before handing over to us.

4) CM Lighting cannot be held responsible for any additional costs or delayed events if you fail to meet these terms.