About Callum

Based in the Suffolk countryside, Callum is still a relatively new face to the theatre profession. He embarked on his freelance career in lighting design officially in 2012 and has since worked on productions and events of various sizes all over the UK and Europe.

Callum loves to push the boundaries of light, evermore trying to achieve unconventional and innovative designs on his projects. This comes from a mindset that light should not only simply work with what is seen on stage, but to also enhance, strengthen and reinforce the production to bring out a new level of brilliance often missed in everyday life.

Always on the look out for something new to try, Callum will try his hand at any style of theatre. Although, his first choice for projects to work on are those that move away from the normality of the world around us, productions that really do push the boundaries of theatre and err on the side of uncertainty. Theatre should always make us think and to constantly question the show we’re watching, why should the lighting not make us do the same?

(His second choice you ask? It’s obviously musical theatre, who doesn’t love a cheesy sing along anyway?)

In addition to lighting design Callum also specialises as a production technician and production electrician. To help aid this level of work he studied Electrical Installation for two years at Suffolk New College in Ipswich, graduating on the level 3 course with a distinction. Callum has also undertaken courses more specific to lighting throughout recent years with companies such as ETC, Avolites and Robe. Other qualifications he currently holds include Emergency First Aid At Work and an IPAF license for access equipment.

Callum’s curiosity has a mind that just loves to take things apart to see exactly how they work. As a child this would often get the better of him and all sorts of things would be laying in pieces on the kitchen table with no idea on how to put them back together again. He now takes this passion to lighting, at a younger age he quickly worked out that a classroom environment was not where he felt most at home and spent many hours in his teenage years on work experience placements in local theatres and warehouses teaching himself how different lights worked. There aren’t many fixtures that Callum hasn’t had in pieces on the workshop table and thankfully, unlike his younger self, is now able to put them back together!

Contact Information

T: 07590 568 663

What we can do


– Lighting Designer

– Re-Lighter

– Associate Lighting Designer

– ETC Programmer

– Production Electrician

– General Technician


– Vectorworks Drawings

– Lightwright 6 Paperwork

– Package or dry equipment hire




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